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Thousands of PrEP Victims Rush To Claim Large Cash Settlements

Stephen Mitchell - June 21, 2020

Thousands prescribed the HIV prevention drug Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis also known as (PrEP) with bone and or kidney damage just found out they may be entitled to receive a large cash settlement. Those taking the medication between 2001 to 2017 were exposed to the toxic chemical tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF). They knew through trials patients prescribed PrEP had an abnormally high risk of bone deterioration and kidney damage among its test subjects.

The manufacturer knowingly put tens of thousands of lives at risk of severe and sometimes fatal bone and or kidney damage. The money will cover the damages the manufacturer intentionally caused in the name of profit. Victims of this deceitful act are represented by a lawyer that has recovered millions for victims of these types of cases. Clients pay nothing unless the law firm wins. That's why more and more victims are clicking here to apply now.

PrEP medications made by Gilead Sciences allegedly had a toxic active ingredient that increases the risk of bone or kidney damage. While patients knew the risks, many were never aware that Gilead Sciences withheld a safer alternative version for over fifteen years.

Quick Version: If you or a loved one has had bone or kidney complications after taking PrEP, you may be entitled to a large cash settlement. Victims are urged to click here and apply now.

In 2004, Gilead Sciences began to pursue its safer alternative but later discontinued development. For years, Gilead Sciences denied allegations of delaying the release of the safer option. Now, a federal judge has allowed these allegations made by over 140 victims to proceed in federal court.

But Gilead Sciences has yet to help the victims who have been put in life-threatening situations due to their toxic ingredients. If you or a loved one has had bone or kidney complications after taking PrEP, you may be entitled to a large cash settlement.

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